Whole foods website..

  1. I went on the www.wholefoods.com website and was so impressed with the recipes they offered. It is worth a look. I was quite impressed with the selection and they even had a nice kids section.
    I wish I had one of these stores in my area......
  2. Thanks for the link. That was fun! It was interesting to see they're building a larger store in our area.
  3. I love Whole Foods. I eat their sushi all the time. I just wish the one near me was bigger and had a parking lot that wasn't torture to park in.
  4. Love Whole Foods!
  5. there is supposed to be one built just a few blocks from me with lots of parking.
    But, I hear they are very very expensive-are they? How do they compare to Trader joe's?
  6. i wouldnt consider whole foods to be very very expensive. lol actually imo, trader joe's is super cheap :confused1:
  7. They are really expensive compared to trader joe's IMO. Only because trader joe's makes their own products like rice, frozen foods, etc. Wholefoods does make their own foods but not as much as Trader joe's. On average I will spend about 60 bucks at trader joe's.. which would be equivalent to 100 bucks at wholefoods.

    I love the wholefoods premarinated meats they are so delish! and the wide selection of breads and also the salad bar! So I find Wholefoods worth the price at times.