Whole Foods/Trader Joe items you were disappointed in

  1. So now we have a thread about what we love at Trader Joe's! What about what we were disappointed in at Whole Foods/TJs?

    My (very short) list:
    - Three-cheese quiche from Whole Foods. In the frozen food aisle for $7.00. It's VERY small... like, it could be fine for one or two people at most. It's not a deep-dish quiche, and although I baked it even longer than the suggested time, it came out very soggy. Disappointing because I LOVE quiche!

    Your list?
  2. TJ's bran/cranberry/pomegranate muffins. I've loved all of their bran muffins except for these. I should have known--they have so, so much bran, that they just couldn't be good. And they weren't.
  3. Whole foods
    Cocolate dipped cheesecake. Tasted like that jello cheesecake you make from the box. And the chocolate was very waxy.
    A Christmas cake that looked like it was made out of lady fingers & tied with ribbon. Very pretty but so unedible. We each took a bit & threw it out. A gift from a client. And no we never told them.
  4. The nori. Talk about bland!
  5. Trader Joe's key lime pie in the frozen section. It was wayyyy too tart and sour.
  6. THANK YOU! I'm glad I started this thread -- I always want to try the key lime pie but now I will take your word that it's not great, especially since I also like my key lime pies more sweet than tart...
  7. You're welcome! I was really surprised, because this is the first thing from TJ that I haven't liked. The consistency was fine, but it was definitely too tart.
  8. yeah! Whole Food's dried mangos... It's pretty inconsistant. Sometimes they are good, other times they really shouldn't be on the shelves at all :Yuck:

    Trader Joe's organic dried mangos and "Just Mangos" are much better!
  9. My general problem with Trader Joe's is my metamorphasis.

    I enter the store, all excited about tasty treats.

    But when I exit the store, I notice I have purchased far too many unhealthy things, like frozen desserts, fatty cheese, and fatty frozen food. The healthy things like produce seem mediocre in quality.

    My most successful shopping trips are when I have just finished a satisfying meal and therefore will only purchase healthy goodies.
  10. oh i love TJ's mangos!!!:tup:
  11. Their cabbage rolls in the hot foods bar. EW EW EW. Okay, get this.....it's cabbage wrapped around WHITE RICE WITH FROZEN VEGGIE MIX (the cheapo kind with diced corn, peas, carrots). Seriously, wtf?? That's NOTHING like a cabbage roll and it tastes so gross.
  12. ITA! TJ's dried mangoes are SOOO good. On the other hand, I forgot what they were called, but TJ's vegan cookies were not good at all. Bland and just...odd. On the WF side, not a disappointed PRODUCT, but I'm so sad that they stopped making Creme Brulee! They always had it with their other yummy cakes, but all of a sudden one day, GONE!
  13. IntlSet, GREAT thread! I'm going to have to think but I KNOW we had some TJ's bombs.

    BTW, TJ will refund your money. Just bring back the item I've done it a few times.

    Oh, I remember one, TJ frozen yogurt fudge-sicles. Too bitter.
  14. Whole Foods' rice crispy treats. I just bought it today and it was so gross. Too sweet! :tdown: I should have gone with my instincts and make my own.
  15. i didn't really love TJ's dark-chocolate covered macademias-they were a bit too waxy for my taste