Whole Foods Release in NY: Anya Hindmarch

  1. Is anyone lining up tomorrow for the "I'm Not a Plastic Bag"? At which Whole Foods and when?? I may be there! ;)
  2. My niece is going tomorrow-but, she isn't going to line up. The Whole Foods opens at 8 and she will be there at 9 and do the best she can. I called them and they said there was a limit of 3 per person
  3. My bff is lining up in NJ for one!!!!! I owe her BIG TIME for it!
  4. Is this promotion only in NY?
  5. I'm disgusted with Whole Paycheck at the moment. I can't believe that CEO was dissing his competitors anonymously on blogs. The SEC is now investigating.
  6. ^^Huh? Please elaborate...sounds interesting!
  7. ^^Ooo, thanks! I'll check it out!
  8. I wish I could be there! I have a friend in NY right now and he would never do it :tdown:
  9. I cousin will be there...hope she'll get the bag...for me:tender:
  10. Oh my God, my cousin is in the line right now. She went there around 5am, but the line was already 3 blocks away from whole foods...unbelievable. They will offer 2700 bags, so my cousin should be able to get 3 bags (3 bags/per person).
  11. any one in princeton?
  12. My BFF just texted me! She went to the one in West Orange, NJ. She got there at 6:45 and there were fifty people ahead of her! :nuts: but luckily with the limit of three she was able to pick up three bags for us!!!!!!

    I owe her big time! The weather was terrible and she said the people behind her were very pushy! I can't wait for her to send it to me!!!!!!!
  13. Oh yeah! My cousin got 3 bags...one is mine. :yahoo:
  14. Wow! I can't believe so many people went in the rain. I was thinking about going but the thunder and lightning was so bad here. Congrats to everyone who got them!