Whohoo. Just got a Koala Agenda!!!

  1. Only one in the store. I called 866 to find one. They are shipping it to me so I will post pics when it arrives. YAY!!
  2. Yay Congratulations.
  3. OOOOHHH! Which one - Mono or Damier? Show show show!!!
  4. congrats! i love the Koala.
  5. Congrats!
  6. congrats.
  7. Awesome! Gives me hope when I save up the money in a couple months.
  8. Congrats! Let's see pics! Damier or Mono, it's gorgeous!
  9. Congratulations! Nice!
  10. It is the mono one. I'll post pics when it arrives!!
  11. ^^ Can't wait to see! Do you know when you're going to get it?
  12. Lucky girl! Which one is it?

    I'm probably going to LV tomorrow (I just have to convince my mom somehow that fakes are of lesser quality...) and I might buy one if they have it. *hopes*
  13. I got the mono one and it should be here Monday. YAY
  14. Is it with a colored interior? The pink is really delicious - I'm mad that I didn't get it sooner!
  15. They called it rose. I assume that is the pink color??
    I've seen pics and it looks yummy!! :drool: