whoever wanted interior picts of the LEGACY FOLD OVER WRISTLET..

  1. I'm so sorry but I deleted both your PMs and can't remember who you were!:shame: I also remember messengerbaglover PMing me about it, so I thought to put it here in case other girls were wondering too.

    PICS ARE ON FLASH, hence the wierd fabric texture.

    I love this as a wristlet wallet, I put my cell and makeup in the coin purse part, and other odds and ends, its pretty roomy. sometimes I put a skinny for my giftcards/ID. (sorry for the bad pic, but it actually opens further to the compartment) interior 2.jpg

    this slot I put cash unfolded, as well as my DC. interior 1.jpg

    the front slot I keep change in. interior 3.jpg

    the back zip slot I store my nano plus ear plugs in. interior 5.jpg

    Enjoy and if you PM me again, I promise I won't accidently delete it! (or I'll try not to) :p

    and I clip my keys on the wristlet hook and I'm out the door!
  2. I love it!!!!
  3. Aarti, you take good pictures. :yes: I tried to photograph my framed wristlet, but I couldn't achieve an accurate representation of the colors.
  4. Oh geesh!
    Now I need one of those!:yes::heart:
  5. Aarti I have this and it is sooo pretty!
  6. LOL thanks, my dog was on my bed as well, and he kept nudging the camera, and pawing the strap. So if you randomly see a patch of white fur, thats my baby!
  7. I gotta say I didn't really care for these things till I saw your pictures and got a better idea of the size. Sheesh, now I want one.
  8. i love that. i have been lusting after one!
  9. It's my favorite coach item!

    fold over.jpg :love:
  10. Thanks aarti for taking pics and posting them. I am the one who was trying to decide between this and the pond legacy wristlet. I ordered the pond wristlet, so that I could also get my dog a collar, but I might have to change my mind now. The pics of your wristlet show that it's much bigger and has more compartments than I thought. I think I'm going to add it to my wishlist for Valentines Day!!