whoever owns GST with SH....

  1. did you post modelling pics in the ref library? pretty please......

    i just got a call today (twice from different stores....) informing me that GST with SH is in. I tried the GH last week and it did not look so flattering on me. I feel like I have a big box undermy arm :sad: . At that time I decided that I was going to pass and save the funds for my dream bag :love:
    But all these threads about GST with SH have made me want it again. Should I get it?
  2. depends what your dream bag is! If the GST will make you veer too far and if you don't really like the GST either, then maybe you have to think more about it? =)
  3. L,
    Hm... this requires a lot of thinking... maybe you can help me figure it out.... :p
  4. You should try it again in the store... this may still bother you...
  5. I love my GST with silver h/w but admit that it is not the most comfortable bag to carry. I use it for short errands because it can get heavy on both the arm and shoulder. And yes, it does feel like a box under the arm and I have to push it behind my body. But it such a classy bag that I put up with the nuances to own it!
  6. roey... i dont recall you have a modelling pi in the ref library... do you have a pic?
    darn... i might have to run to Saks tomorrow to try it on again....:push:
  7. double darn... i cant go til this weekend....
    we have this guest at work from out of town so I have to entertain them :yucky:

    okay... so besides it being heavy.... what other major inconvenience? do the straps sit on your shoulder easily? how bout carrying semi heavy stuff like laptop? can it handle it?
  8. I have found that after a while the bag softens up and makes it easier to carry. I do not put alot in my bags so it is not heavy for me, but the straps do fall off my shoulder. I deal with it though because I really love the bag, I have 2 now!
  9. gosh, i feel the same way, i tried on GST w/ gold in the stores and passed up on it twice, but all this talk about the GST makes me wanna get it? i don't know.
  10. if i were you, i would really try to buy a bag i really love than forcing myself into one.
  11. My dear friend Mick is right...
    And she should have kicked me in the rear for even think about spending money instead of saving for my dream bag :p