whoaaaaaaa...7.5 Dark Red Rolando's are out of stock at Barneys.com... NOOOOOOOO!!!

  1. where should i go to get them now?
    i wanted that particular colorrrr
    or atleast an 8 somewhreee...
    i was too laatee

    console me pleaaaaseee
  2. im really bummed...
    what should i do?
    should i just call all the stores to see if they have them in stock?
  3. I know that Saks still has them, you should also try NM, I think they carried them as well.
  4. AWWWW I'm sorry miami.one.:sad::sad: maybe just start calling around? Have you tried CL NY boutiques or BH? Those shoes are really TDF! I hope you find them:flowers:
  5. NM had them. I would call the Bal Harbor store - if they don't ahave it, they will be able to tell you if any of the Florida stores do.
  6. Good luck finding them. They were pretty hot.
  7. Beverly Hills? Sorry you didn't get them yet. They are gorgeous! I love mine..but they hurt a little.
  8. aaah myyy gaaaaawd
    I called Barneys at NY,
    they didnt have aaanythingg!
    so they went ahead and found a pair in Boston (thanku God)
    and ill be getting them hopefully this wednesday
    :jammin::yahoo::tup::boxing::woohoo: :okay: :supacool:

    but i did pass by the closest NM to me,
    they didn't have a 7.5 oooorrrr an 8
    the only thing they had was 1 last pair of 6.5
    and there was none left in FL

    oh man
    am i happy right now
    cant wait to get them
  9. Oh that is great! So happy for you. Please post pics when they arrive.
  10. will do lil lady....
    thanks for everyone and their input
    this place is great!!!!
  11. Congratulations!!
  12. Congrats! You will LOVE them
  13. congrats on finding them! I had the same problem and luckily decided to call the store when Barneys.com kept taking too long. I got the last pair they could find in a 5.5. I love them!