WHOA! What Just Happened?!

  1. The entire tPF looks different! White background, blue shading! And so BIG. Why does it look so --- GENERIC?
  2. Oh...another new design.
  3. Go to the bottom of the page. Where it says Theme Switcher you can choose light or dark.
  4. ^^ Thanks! Changed it to darker, but I still don't like it. I feel like we just went backwards in time! Why all these changes so close together? We just get to used to one look and they go and change it again. And its not just subtle changes. They're HUGE (and when I say Huge, I mean WHY IS EVERYTHING SO BIG? Do they think we're all old and need glasses or what? LOL :p

    (p.s. even with the dark theme, there's still way too much white going on. It almost hurts my eyes - this is why I always change my windows background to a light grey color on my PCs (including my work PC). The white background gives me a headache after a while - can't change this on the iPad)
  5. Does anyone know why the theme switcher does not work on Chrome on my macbook?
    I couldnt switch the colorblock out on April 1 either.

    I had to open a safari window to switch. Any ideas on this??
  6. I'm in Chrome (on Win7 though) and it shows here. I was using Chrome on another Win7 last year and for some reason I was using a really old version (v3?), I had to uninstall and install again for the latest version. This worked much better. Just remember to save out bookmarks before uninstalling.
  7. Just switched to dark... looks similar to the "old" version.

    When I post something, my post is smaller than the rest of the posts in the forum.
  8. Thanks for answering :heart:
    I am on the latest, I just had my macbook all updated and some things upgraded in January.

    I do like this version when I am on battery power and trying to conserve...I can turn brightness waaaaay down and still see pretty well!
  9. I have a problem in seeing what page I am on.using tPF dark. There is hardly any contrast.

    I'm on Google Chrome.
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    nevermind ...
  11. Thanks so much for the info poopsie, I was in a :panic: I can breathe again now :sweatdrop:
  12. Hate it. Oh, well.
  13. I have a black box covering the top 1/4 of my page. I can't get anywhere now. Help!
  14. I think it looks awful. Why change something when it looks good?
  15. Oh gosh, I'm in the minority. I love the way it looks!! It seems so clean and fresh to me.