Whoa ! What Do You Think Of This Pic Of Lucy Lawless ?

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  1. Wow, she looks great!!! I would have never guessed that was her either!!
  2. I remember being shocked at how she looks now too when she was coming on Celebrity Duets a few months ago. She's much leaner now. She sings decently too!
  3. Lucy Lawless has a recurring role in RDM's Battlestar Galactica.
    It was there that I've seen her the first time with blonde hair, she is really gorgeous and a rather good actress as well.
  4. MAybe I'm seeing a different pictures, it really looks like her, especially the Xena costume....
  5. same here!
  6. Sorry, I didnt realise the pic of her as a blonde wasn't showing for some of you.:shame:
  7. Here's another pic.
  8. She looks amazing!
  9. I'd read years ago that she is a natural blonde but dyed her hair for xena.
  10. Wow, she looks beautiful.
  11. Ah yess....this I can see the 'resemblance' :yes:
  12. She looks like she did more than color her hair.
  13. Omg!!!