Whoa....what a dream.....

  1. Well, this morning I bolted up in bed drenched in sweat after an awful nightmare! I dreamt that one of my bags was.....GASP.....a hiddeous fake! That it was lined in cotton with one of those droopy zippers and the gold hardware was peeling and....oh God.....it was so awful I can't even go on! :wtf:

    It might be a result of the Fake Vintage Hermes Sleeper episode and the fish dinner I ate last night.....

    Thank God it was just a dream..........:s

    ....anyone dream of Hermes? Good or bad?
  2. Shopmom, go get a cup of tea, sip and sit quietly for a few moments. It was only a dream, 'tis true, but dreams can seem so real, yes?

    Was it like.....a bad fairy came in and changed your bag to.....:yucky: and you suddenly discovered it? Or did you*buy* something new in your dream and it arrived.....this way?

    Edited to add....I don't recall ever dreaming of Hermes in the night.....plenty of times when I'm awake, tho:yes:
  3. Sounds like the fish was bad, not your bag.:P
  4. Stop eating fish D! lol,... I've had a few H dreams that I dare not to talk about!
  5. lol, awww! I have H dreams every now and then.

    Last night i had a dream that i was by a pool and had my rouge h kelly, my soon-to-come ebene chevre kelly and a white chevre kelly (?) and i was pushing them around in a shopping cart.

    The night before i got my rouge h, i was tossing and turning all night dreaming that i was sent the wrong bag, and when it finally did come, it was a thin grey "lesportsac bag" material, and i cried and cried.... and woke myself up. lol.:upsidedown:

    H dreams can be pretty tough! Can you believe all the stress these beauties cause us?! :lol:
  6. d- that's too funny -- i had an h nightmare last night too! i dreamed that i left my bag outside in the garden overnight, and the next morning i found that an animal had gnawed a hole in it.

    usually i dream about buying new ones -- and then i hate waking up and finding out i don't really have it. so on the whole the nightmare wasn't so bad.
  7. You ladies are hysterical!! You make my day, I can always count on you to brighten up my day (even with your nightmares!).
  8. What an awful nightmare, Shopmom! You might need some retail therapy in order to recover, ;) .

    I have to admit that sometimes I dream that I am in Hermes, shopping. It is always very pleasant, but when I wake up I have to remind myself that I don't have any of the wonderful bags that I bought in my sleep,:P !
  9. LOL!! That is exactly what I was going to say!!

    Yup, I've definitely dreamed about Hermes but only in a good way. I once dreamed I was nonchalantly carrying a 25cm orange croco Birkin. Was bummed (and shocked) when I woke up with no such bag anywhere in sight. :P
  10. Awww poor D...I've had dreams about fighting with my old SA. :lol: And I had one dream where I bought an ostrich Kelly but it ended up having polka dots all over it. :shame:
  11. I've had one dream where I visited an H store and it had every single one of my dream bags on the shelf---I was so stressed out trying to decide which ones I could take home--which color, leather, etc. Needless to say I did not sleep well...sigh...these bags!
  12. Orchids....now that would be stressful!!!^^^

    Hey, shopmom...did you get a refund on your fake sleeper?
  13. Oh Shopmom! I'm glad that was just a dream (nightmare)!! I too dreamed of H fakery this week! What's going on here??
  14. i dremed about hermes last night. i had a hermes neckless. it was "silver" and "dirty". then my dog stole it from me and i was furious. i think i got it back.

    hermes has never made what i dreamed about. it wasn't nice to wake up . after all i went to late to school.

  15. Not yet, KB.....he told me to send it back and he'd send me a "real" one. So I put little stickies on all the "fake" areas so he wouldn't make the same "mistake" again....LOL.....let's see what he sends me THIS time :sneaky: