Whoa !!! Wanna Check Out Prince's Palace/House/Studio ?

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  1. [​IMG]

    Well, Check THIS, out !!! :nuts:
  2. Holy crap!! Its soo super modern!! I wouldn't complain if I lived there for sure, however it's soooo not my style. Room number 13 with the four piano's...wow!!! and he has a hair salon! :lol:
  3. wow. hard to believe he came from my state of MN!
  4. The Purple One is certainly doing well.

    He deserves everything he has. The man is a musical genius.

    And it REALLY made me want to listen to When Doves Cry!
  5. Where are all the windows???? The space reminds me of a cave. Not my taste but it's unique.
  6. This is where he lives? or his recording studio? Where are the bedrooms?
  7. Hmmm Interesting!!
  8. omg he should design a hotel...his house looks like one!!
  9. ditto that!
  10. I love his palace!! :nuts::nuts::nuts: But one thing that keeps screaming out to me: too much space and not enough furnitures!
  11. That's Paisley Park his studio. I love Prince.
  12. omg, it's huge.

  13. ITA
  14. love it !
  15. Far out, It's HUGE. Great Decor.