WHOA... Unneeded drama from a weirdo seller!!

  1. Hi all! I have a dilemma here and not quite sure how to handle it! Ok on Dec. 21st I won this auction:
    (hopefully this link goes through ok)

    I paid immediately through Paypal. Well my payment was never claimed and a few days later I got an email from eBay/Paypal that my payment hadn't been claimed and I needed to double check with the seller as to where I was sending my payment. So I sent this email on Dec. 24th:

    [FONT=arial,sans-serif]Dear xxxxxx,

    Hi, I sent payment a few days ago and today I got an email from paypal that my payment is still unclaimed. They said the payment could have been sent to the wrong address so I should double check with you where exactly it should go. The address the payment was sent to is xxxxxxxx through paypal. I guess let me know where you want to go from here.
    Thank You,

    On Dec. 24th I get this from the seller:

    [FONT=arial,sans-serif]Dear xxxxx,

    Sorry but I will have to cancel transaction if thats ok I've been hacked!!

    [FONT=arial,sans-serif]- xx[/FONT]

    So I email her back this on Dec. 24th:

    [FONT=arial,sans-serif]Dear xxx,

    Ok so then where do you want me to send my payment to through paypal? I'd really like to get this paid for.

    [FONT=arial,sans-serif]- sunash82

    No response from seller...


    During this time I have cancelled payment, and then re-sent it thinking maybe they would decide to claim it. On Dec. 28th I cancelled my payment for good, left a neg. FB, and reported this seller as non-performing. I had never gotten any other communication from this seller besides the lame message about being "hacked", which I took to mean that they just didn't want to sell me the bag so came up with some BS. Looking back they pry meant they were having trouble with their PP account, but SERIOUSLY you're supposed to be a seller on eBay and you really can't communicate any better than that??

    SO looks like I'm not getting this bag and the seller is just another flake on eBay right? NO!! Today I open my email and they have filed a NPB on me. I really take this as an insult b/c I always pay instantly and not only did they drag this out now they are trying to blame me!!!

    So my question is what do I flippin' do??? Do I pay for it ( not much $$ but the seller is shady and I'll pry never recieve it) or do I write back? I've never had this happen to me, but I'm fuming mad and not sure where to go from here...

    Thanks and sorry this is such a long post!!!
  2. Did they file a mutual withdrawal? If not I would respond that you are willing to pay for the purse and ask them where to send the money. They may just trying to get their fees back....
  3. No, that's the thing they haven't acknowledged the neg. I gave them or all the time that has passed. As a seller I would want the $ right away and get it done with. I don't see why they didn't want the money in the beggining and now are going this far? Just a simple email would have cleared things up. I guess they pry do want the fees back, otherwise they could've just negged me and moved on. So should I pay it? What are the chances I'll ever even see the bag?

  4. You may want to edit your original post and delete the sellers email address, that is not allowed. If I were you, I would file a nonperforming seller againt them/open a dispute and save absolutely every email that they have sent you!
  5. Well I'm not sure who edited that for me THANK YOU! I was scrambling to try to fix that, but had no clue what I was doing! Sorry about posting that, I didn't even think about it at the time. Anyway, I'm pretty sure I did report them I had to copy and paste their email and my response, etc.
  6. It looks like one of the mods edited it for you :tup:.

    Did you copy & paste the emails through paypal? If so, you probably opened a dispute (which is a good thing :yahoo:). The NPS would be filed through ebay. I would do both! They probably filed the NPB against you in hopes that you would not respond and they would get their FVF back...what a shady seller! Is this seller new, or have they been a longtime seller?
  7. Well I did that through ebay but not paypal. Should I have gone through Paypal? Can I still file that through Paypal? Pry not since they want payment now huh? I'm thinking I pry will pay for it, and I'll just use a credit card to be sure. I don't want to lose the fb I left them, b/c I honestly think they are a crappy seller. They aren't a new seller but have had like four usernames. And they just recently changed their name again on Jan. 1st which made me think they really were done with me.
  8. Go to PayPal to the payment you sent, there should be a transaction#, post that number to the NPB and clearly and explained what happend, also the email they sent you is a proof that the transaction can be a fraud if their account was hacked.