Whoa ! They Move Fast. Look Who Got Married In Vegas

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  1. It was just yesterday that news broke on Hollywood's latest couple, Nick Cannon and Victoria's Secret model Selita Ebanks, and now Us Weekly reports the happy couple got married in Vegas last weekend!
    'Sources say the altar-rushers were staying at the Palms Casino Resort Hotel and enjoying NBA All-Star Weekend when they decided to wed on a whim after just three weeks of dating.'​
    Lets hope it last :rolleyes:
  2. I can't place either of them, but cute couple!
  3. Whoa! Last I looked he was dating Kim Kardashian for a while!
  4. That is the samething I thought!
  5. mmmm too quick for my liking, hope it lasts also!
  6. That's quick! Hope they will be happy together for long time.
  7. He was. literally, up until like, a week ago. :p
  8. wow...getting married after 3 weeks of dating? i could never do that =P
  9. I can't place her, either, but Nick Cannon used to date Christina Milian (until he cheated on her). He does Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out on MTV and he did the song Gigolo with R. Kelly.

    You know the one that goes:
    "I'm a gigolo, spending lots a dough
    You can tell the way wide-body, sitting on four's
    And how I'm shining, wit the fresh, fresh clothes
    Always surrounded, by so many (HOES!)"

    He was also in movies like Drumline, Roll Bounce and Love Don't Cost a Thing.

    Here's his imdb page:

    Nick Cannon (I)

    Um . . . good luck to them?
  10. It always hurts when your ex gets married to the next woman he dates, but after a week? Ouch! Kim and Nick have been photographed together for several months. I heard the choice words Christina Milian had about him on some radio talk show, and apparently he was cheating on her for a while too.

    Dont know how reliable this is from a few days ago:
    "Tom Brady has too much time on his hands now that football season is over. Not only has the New England Patriot’s quarterback knocked up ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan, he is cheating on current gal pal Gisele Bundchen with fellow Victoria Secret model Selita Ebanks. Rumor is Tom and Selita snuck away together after a Superbowl party leaving behind the folks they came with.

    Now that Bridget has come forward with the news of the pregnancy, we may be hearing more and more about Tom’s bad boy behavior that split them up."

    Here's her myspace:
  11. I wonder how long this is going to last? :shrugs:
  12. Oh my!
  13. Yikes...I didn't even know the were together.
  14. Actually, i dont think they did. it was definitely spur of the moment.:s
  15. Wow that is crazy. Maybe they were secretly dating for a while......... nawww. They make a cute couple though.