WHOA! there was a MA in fuschia?!?...never knew tat

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  1. am i the only one who has never seen this color for MA bag from Miss Rebecca Minkoff?


  2. my bad...ok correction ladies:

    its a MAM in FUCHSIA..lol, i spelled in incorrectly on the headline :P
  3. Please make sure to use the search feature before you post a new thread--there is an entire thread about someone's Fuschia and Gold crackle bottom MA! But yes, it is indeed a gorgeous color :tup:
  4. are you a new RM fan? yeah, this color is amazing... and very bright!
  5. ummm....



    and yes i'm a newbie
  6. welcome! The Morning After bags (regular size and minis) are amazing bags... If you get one, you'll love it!
  7. thank you :smile: u are sweet nmarcus. and thank YOU for being so welcoming and patient w/ a newbie like me lol. and BTW for those who got a cow from this thread of mine... i know i should've searched other threads first efore posting this thread BUT when ur excited about something u haven't seen u wanna share it with others...
  8. Welcome! If you want the fuchsia MAM, shopjake has it and they have a 25% off code floating around somewhere.
  9. .

  10. purplewithenvy...
    i didn't imply anything NOR do i want to start anything.
    ur the one thats assuming things and getting things to ur head.
    i'm a newbie here and just like everyone, i get excited over RM bags.

    i was just saying if anyone...ANYONE..who got upset or annoyed with me for posting this thread to excuse me, since i got really giddy seeing the bag that i've never seen. shopjake was the only website i saw that sold this fucshia bag.
  11. oh and btw...just to clear one more thing up with u, miss purplewithenvy:
    did i ever say that U had a cow??

    i didn't.
    so...ur the one that shouldnt start any drama huh?
  12. lol
    i kno i kno :yes:. like i said i didn't mean to post this thread. i just got uber excited thats all.
  13. Hi! I bought that bag from lunaboston and took some pics, then sent it back. It doesn't have any of the purple undertones you see in that pic, so you should look at the pics I took as well as heart goes boom - the color is more accurate there.
  14. don't worry, i understand. you don't understand how much i love pink and my new purse... now i stalk this forum and wish i can buy more!!! :P oh well, maybe my birthday or something!