Whoa, someone got a gorgeous Ink City for $799!

  1. OMFG, that's crazy, congrats to whoever the lucky winners are :yahoo:
  2. I like to torture myself by checking the completed listings overnight. I'm never sleeping again!!!!!
  3. WOW what a steal!
  4. That is a fantastic deal from a great seller! Lucky winner!!
  5. :lol: :roflmfao:

    congrats to the winner(s)!!!!! or was only ONE person lucky enough to score both????:graucho: :flowers:
  6. I bet it was one person! There were so few hits before they were bought so I bet someone did a double whammy.
  7. Amazing prices! Congrats to the lucky winner or winners! The Ink City
    is especially gorgeous.
  8. Why wasn't that me for the Ink? :crybaby:
  9. damn!!!! who ever got that is so lucky. nice steal!
  10. GLIMMER: why are you tormenting me? :crybaby:
  11. I KNOW!!! LOL.
  12. wow, what a steal!
  13. Holy MOLY! That was a fantastic deal!!!!
  14. I hate seeing these ended listings that are great deals... makes me so sad!