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  1. Yeah for some reason no one likes the green khaki color. i don't like it either... not surprised!
  2. I'm pretty surprised, its like if I saw an ugly ass spy bag on sale or something. I thought the demand for these was great enough so that they wouldn't be on sale for a LONG time.
  3. well green isn't the most popular color for a bag, so if i were to spend a lot of money on a bag i'd at least want a color i like! that's my conclusion. green is def not on my list no matter, if it's even a paddy!
  4. but i guess if it's on sale, they're all gone, it seems like a much better deal...
  5. I'm not disputing the fact that green isn't a desirable color to most people :lol: I'm just saying that despite that I didn't think it would go on sale. There is a green spy also, and I didn't see that hitting the sales floor, I thought the reason for that was the high demand. What this really makes me question is if the demand for the paddington is slipping. This has been debated in other forums as well with no real conclusion one way or the other.

    Is that a true green too btw? I would think that it would be a little more desirable to some people because its almost black. When I first saw it I couldn't really see too many really green tones.
  6. I'm very suprised to see a Paddy on sale:blink:
  7. it might be that the paddington isn't in demand as much... i do see a lot of people carrying it around lately. and there's tons of them on ebay, more fake than real of course, but it's def out there... i say the demand has gone down.

    it does look a little dark green... more muddy brown green. bleh.
  8. Damn! I love that colour (and green bags in general) - I wish I'd known this when it was still available. :sad:
  9. Actually, that's the color I ordered from Sophisticated Spirit....I like green. I have a bright lime ostrich Boogie and I thought this would be a good alternative. I'll let you know what I think when it arrives. With shipping and tax and all, I'm still paying about what the NM sale price is/was.
  10. Olive green is one of my most favorite colors for a handbag. You may change your mind Fayden, after seeing certain bags in that color you may even get one yourself one day! I find I can't say that I will never own a certain color handbag. If the bag looks the best to me in whatever color, I grab it. :P
  11. that's true, never say never. but in this case, specifically the paddington, i love it most in burgundy and whiskey. olive green wouldn't be my top choice for a paddy... that's all i'm sayin! :amuse:

  12. Green, olive, muddie brown green...somebody liked it as the site says it's not available now. I can't believe it was on sale. BTW, what is all of that junk on ebay??? There are pages of paddys costing $200+ and sellers say they are authentic. How can they get away with that?
  13. when i go on ebay i always search with highest prices first, at least to weed out most of the fakes. ugh, disgusts me that they say that, authentic does't mean anything on ebay.
  14. Ugh, I've really been hating eBay lately :suspiciou

    I've reported fakes before and nothing gets done about it. There are so many... but eBay makes a crapload of money from listing fees, so I'm sure they're not complaining.