Whoa! Pucci shoes gone wrong!

  1. Okay, ladies. I don't really want to look at these, and every sane part of me tells me not to look, but somehow I do anyway. It's those heels! I can't help myself! I should be nice about Pucci now that Matthew Williamson is head designer, but even I cannot find a nice word to say about scalloped cork heels. They're just a little too weird for me.
    What do you think?
  2. wow...those are painful to look at!! lol looks like they belong on the brady bunch:yes:
  3. Definitely!:yes:
  4. wow those are awful... i didnt know heels could go so wrong...
  5. Oh goodness. It looks like someone having a bit too much fun in woodshop class or something.

    Where did you find the photo? Wondering if it's actually for sale somewhere, meaning there was a buyer working for some company who thought "Hmm, we can move a few pairs of these quirky shoes!" and someone else who signed off on that order.....
  6. holy cow!!!
  7. Eeeek - someone's trying way too hard!!!
  8. i like the cut out shape, but i wish the strappiness on the front was more original. i'm not into the many little straps tied in a knot... reminds me of the slides i would wear everyday in junior high. woulda been better to have a laser cut solid strap or something
  9. oh my gosh, could you imagine the kind of outfit someone might wear with those?! lol :smile:
  10. i used to love matthew williamson, i relly loved his premier line, but now.....
    i'm expecting to see them worn by Britney Spears!!
  11. :sick: :sick: :sick:
  12. A LBD so that you have only ONE outlandish thing?
  13. ewww!:sick::mad:
  14. :sick: OK, I can't even find a place for them in my heart, they look crippled. Pooor things. I love PUCCI and MW, but together, YUK:sick: MW is tooo strong of a designer for Pucci, bring back Lacroix.
  15. I actually like them.. I wouldn't wear them -not my style, but I tihnk they'd look good on someone who's bold, who wears bold bright colros haha ;D. The heels are interesting.. (: Very creative.