WHOA NOW... is that a coach bag aarti just bought complete with accessories?...

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  1. I was just planning on buying a bag so I can use the store credit for some accessories this april.. but this came home with me instead while I was playing around with the bags. I was planning on buying an azur pochette, but that can wait right! Should I keep this or go for pond?





    I also got the rosabel sandals in silver, the patent pink signature stripe zip around wallet (say that three times fast! anddd some goodies for my ROAK buddy!
  2. NO!! keep this :biggrin: and get pond later!
  3. Keep it!
  4. check you out aarti!!!! awesome purchases! Keep them both because they are both stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Keep both!! They are gorgeous!!!!
  6. Keep it!! That's the shoulder zip in whiskey, right? I have it and it's a great bag! Love your new goodies! They look like a happy couple!
  7. Yum POmme!!! I actually think you should get Pond...but it still is gorgeous! Think how the Azur would look with the Pond! YUM
  8. I vote for keeping the whiskey - that and the pomme look gorgeous together :heart:
  9. thanks girls! I do love the ALI, but I think I'm too small for it :sad:
  10. sorry, side tracking abit..what is that red LV wallet you have in the picture? name and model? heee
  11. *gasp*

    i never thought i'd see the day where aarti didn't just buy accessories. i am shocked and pretty sure the end of the world is now approaching...

    but LOVE it aarti! as much as i love the pond, i think the whiskey is more practical!
  12. LOL Aarti!

    LOVE both, including the LV! That's such a great color!

    Get Pond TOO!:yes:
  13. I love your LV Vernis piece! Very nice color!

    And I think you should keep that bag, and get the pond color too.
  14. I like that red Vernis piece (not sure what the technical name is!!)... I've been wondering about taking the dive into Vernis or Epi accesories myself...

    I say, keep the Whiskey - but definately get Pond when you can... I agree that Pond and Azul/a bright blue would look stunning!
  15. Keep both- very nice!