WHOA! I had no idea...


Crazy Cat Lady
Aug 19, 2006
...That I already passed the day of my TPF anniversary!!

I joined on August 19th 2006 (well that's what it says on my profile at least) and was on the LV forum ALL THE TIME. It wasn't until last year that I started straying and going to the other forums.

So in many ways, the LV TPF "veterans" here are like family...however, many of them aren't around any more. Shall I list a few of the people who were here to welcome me into their LV TPF family?

Addy, John, lvbabydoll, deluxeduck, Michelle1025 (who I haven't seen at all), Nita (she hasn't been around so I don't even remember her TPF ID), ayla, yeuxhonnetes, jane...and so many others but it has been so long that I don't remember!! But THANKS everyone for making this such an enjoyable place for LV addicts for the past two years...of course we've had our ups and down here in the LV forum but I truly enjoyed my time here.



Apr 17, 2006
Karman, you still got me! Haha, I have been on and off for the past year. I have missed talking to you so much! We need to have a 101 soon! Love you!
Dec 13, 2006
Happy Anniversary! Sophia you were one of the first people that ever spoke to me right when I first joined, lol. I remember I had this link in my sig. a totally pathetic picture of myself modeling my one and only LV at the time, the damier speedy 30 and you said you liked my picture, lol.

Karman I know what you mean about thinking fondly to the people that posted at the time you joined, I do that too and miss some people that joined around the time that I did that are no longer here or have moved onto other designers. I miss Twiggers who moved onto B bags and Ghost who moved onto H, and of course Irene who I considered an LV Queen! I also really miss Alaska and EmilyK, they really added to the atmosphere here. And spaceytracey too is funny and my all time favorite baglady who was my cohort another mom of 3 about my age from the Northeast, lol. Also where are Bagsnbags and Yeuxhonettes? But I'm glad you guys are still here. This is the only forum I post in but I lurk a little in H bec. I know of one person there from a difft. board and love her reveals.


since '05
Sep 28, 2005
the Pacific Northwest
Yay Karman! I guess I am an old-timer -- I was the one hundredth person to join! So I guess that's three years, coming up in a couple of weeks... wow. I haven't racked up nearly as many posts though! I should speak up a bit more, heh.


Dec 9, 2007
Happy anniversary. I am mostly a lurker due to time but I love the LV forum.
I have learned so much from all of you.