whoa did i really buy this?! : )

  1. picts soon :smile:
  2. please don't tease!!
  3. :hysteric: technical difficulty.. a ahem friends dog just reduced my memory card into.. i dont even know what to call it. so i'm going to post my little loverlies after work tomorrow after i go pick up a new memory card. sorry girls.:sad:
  4. Did you really do this to us???
  5. lol...I ask the same question! Can't wait for the pics!
  6. Haha! Exactly! aarti you tease, we want pictures!
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Pics!!!
  9. Okay girls this time I had a good excuse, I was without power for TWO freaking days! But without further ado, here they are, scarf from outlet, the other two from store, these 3 were all impulse buys, so opinions would be appreciated! And I missed all the LABOR DAY SALES:hysteric: All the roads were closed and a mess and trees... Ahhhhh all summer been saving for this weekend and now I'm just happy that the water didnt turn cold as I showered with a flashlight LOL. But still so sad..:s
    Project6.jpg Project5.jpg Project4.jpg Project3.jpg
  10. I really like the wallet. Congrats!
  11. super cute scarf! I missed that today! Wallet is great too..I have one that size and love it.
  12. love the wallet...is monogramming available? it would look so hot with your initials!
  13. i would love to get RT monogramed on it. ive been wondering if i should keep it, but i heard something about it not being able to be monogrammed. lol i was bored last night and looked through the coach and tiffany co catalogs i had and it said there it was able to be monogrammed.

    shellbell! what color do you have? i was thinking the blue, but they didnt have it, although i like the canvas matching the brown trim. i think its rather cute and compact, but i guess i was just having doubts because i didnt do my usual over analysing LOL.
  14. Mine is older...its light blue and all leather. I use it for my cards and cash (I fold it twice to make sure it doesn't get caught in the zipper). And then I use one of the coin purse key fobs for my change. I love it because its small enough that if I'm carrying one of my smaller bags I still have plenty of room in my purse!
  15. ^^ oooooh have pictures!?