WHOA cult status prices..!

  1. ARE CRAAAAAAAZY....!!!!!! :wtf:

    i've been fishing around hoping my cornflower Box would show up somewhere... :shame: and i stumbled upon cult status... and emailed them asking about what they have in stock and their prices and i almost fainted when i did the currency conversion.... :wtf:

    the BOX - AUD$1549 = USD$1217
    DAY - AUD$1595 = USD$1253
    CITY - AUD$1945 = USD$1531

    and think about the shipping fees and tax/duty charges....!!! OOOOUUUUFFFFffff.....!!!!!! :shocked:
  2. Yep...

    It's a killer! I live in AU and have purchased from them twice...

    I prefer to buy Internationally ... even risking Customs is sometimes worth it for more expensive items as AU Customs arent too strict...

    Although, I got a Coin Purse from them today for AU$395 which isnt too bad considering that if I got it from the US, they are US$285 plus postage which would be about US$20-30

    So it works out only AU$20 more expensive...

    I was once quoted AU$2600 on a City from a store in Sydney... I nearly fell off my chair!
  3. I contacted them so I could be on the waitlist for an 07 city...but in the meantime I have purchased one from Aloharag instead. Free postage, and no customs duty.
  4. I'm more inclined to buy from aloharag too especially with the free shipping. I just can't justify buying from cultstatus, and with cultstatus being across the country in Perth and me in Sydney the bag has to travel to get to me anyway so I might as well buy from overseas and get a better price for it.

    fashion-cult what store in Sydney was that? That price is beyond ridiculous, maybe if it was a rare colour or style it might be different, but still whoa!
  5. It was for a Rouge VIF City from Cosmopolitan Shoes...

    I ended up getting it at elsewhere!
  6. I thought it might have been cosmopolitan shoes I've heard there prices are pretty high. Good idea getting your bag somewhere else!
  7. If you are international buyer you get the GST off, which is about 10%. I have never ordered from AR but I bought day from BALNY and it cost me 995 USD + 70 USD shipping + hit with 285 AUD Australian custom fees + fees from bank for conversion (from Australian dollars to USD).:crybaby:

    The thing is I am not even in Australia, but BALNY only ship to the address on the CC and I only have Australian CC. Now my day is sitting in my brother's house and I have to ship it all the way back to me or pick it up when I go back to Aus for a holiday (who knows when I am going back).:sad:
    Sorry, I just need to rant.

    So its not so cheap for me to get from BALNY, and easier for me to get from CS. I just have to make a trip to AUS to pick up my babies.:graucho: