whoa...creepy voicemail! help?

  1. okay...so i was trying on shoes today and missed a phone call. went to do a redial, but the number was xxx-xxx-xxxxxx- so it's obviously not a real number if it's 6 digits at the end, right? so, that was weird.

    it originally sounded like when someone accidently dials and you hear them going on with talking, etc. didnt pay attention to it because i couldn't really hear in the store.

    but i listened to it again just now and i'm totally :wtf: right now. it's really heavy breathing, directly into the phone, and a whispering/talking stuff i can't understand into the phone (in that freaky scary movie type way). i just had my dad listen to it and even he's kinda freaked out. both of us immediately thought it was my ex.

    is there any way to look up a number that doesn't, well, exist?
  2. I've personaly never seen the xxx in replace of numbers. I either can see the number or it says private. But maybe you can call your cell company and see if they can help you further. I hope for your sake its just a prank call, but either way that is creepy.
  3. oh god... delete it and lock your doors!!!!
  4. no, it was real numbers. i just didn't want to put them here.
  5. Report it to the police in the area, they will trace the number!
  6. I would try contacting the police, but I'm not sure what they would do. At my work we've been getting some really harassing phone calls, and we have to trace the numbers (*57) after we take one of the calls and the local police will only trace calls after 3 of these. Uuuggghhh. I hope things work out for ya though, that's super creepy
  7. OH OH, my SO got a random cell phone call that had no caller id, and the guy told him that he killed his cat that he gave us. HELLO!??!?! We have NO CAT!!!! And then he asked SO for his name, and SO thought he dialed the wrong person and gave him his name anyway. He got off the phone, and I was like WHY DID YOU JUST GIVE YOUR NAME?!?!??!!?

    Sometimes, people's phone are in their pockets and accidently dial you, one time someone left me a 30 minute voicemail with talking in the background.
  8. That's scary... I don't know how to trace calls either.
  9. :wtf: :wtf:
  10. oh, i know. i've gotten lots of voicemails like that- i don't mind those, they're mildly entertaining.

    but this was, without a doubt, someone speaking directly into the phone.
  11. i've even tried looking up the 'area code' on the number...can't seem to find where it would be at.
  12. maybe try a reverse phone number lookup site on the internet? type in the number, and voila you get any info registered about the phone.
  13. ^tried it already.
  14. Oops :shame: sorry. Yea I say report the number to the police, or try calling the number from another phone or block before you call. I think it is odd and just don't take any chances.
  15. Don't delete it. Notify your provider, they will have some record of calls you received, and they can help you with advice on the best way to get your local law enforcement involved, if it seems like that would be necessary.

    It could have been a wrong number, and the caller intended all that stuff for someone he knows...