Whoa! Check out this Crosby Carryall in the men's handbags!

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  1. It's gorgeous! It reminds me of a squishier Candace. On me it would look like luggage. Even their men's models are super skinny!
  2. Beautiful bag. It does look huge.
  3. I agree, I have a feeling I'm bigger than the male model-lol!
  4. That's awesome. Did this bag just go up on the site? I didn't notice it the other day. I like alot of the Men's bags. I like the Men's wallets better than the women's also. I just ordered a Bleecker Compact ID wallet from FOS last sale.
  5. I was just looking at this bag. Absolutely love it!
  6. I this it's a bit feminine for a guy, JMHO.
  7. I think so because I didn't notice it before! Sometimes I like the mens bags better too, they seem more timeless if that makes sense...lol!
  8. Love this! :heart:
  9. Other than the size, I also think this style is more feminine than masculine.
  10. Oh dear lord where was my head? The word is "think"!!! I was out of it today! Typing while doing other things, on phone, etc.
  11. That's ok, I knew what you meant by it! ;)
  12. Wow - this is AMAZING! Just super big, lol. :smile:
  13. Looks like the large Riley, with yummier leather.
  14. Definitely looks like luggage to me. Beautiful, but it needs it's own zip code.