Whoa, brown spy up on bluefly!

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  1. I'm kinda new as far as online purse shopping so, this might be a dumb question. Is Bluefly reputable, no fakes?
  2. Bluefly is legit unless they have shady buyers that buy and return a fake. Bluefly have an actual store in NY and I know they have their own stocks up in the market too.
  3. wow i didn't know the B bags cost that much lately. they go up in price? thought that one usually retails for 1200.
  4. nice! I think the zucca print spy was on bluefly before. I wonder which other ones will make their way there.
  5. I think bluefly is sneaky with their pricing sometimes. :suspiciou
  6. They're all gone...sniff sniff....
  7. The Spys Are Back Now!!!!
  8. I gt a 10% off coupon code for today (Sat until 5am Sun) only: SURVEY6
  9. I only see the zucca-print one :huh: Maybe they disappeared already?
  10. I like that Balenciaga color tho I was looking for that but bet its gone already....
  11. Hi--I'm actually the person who bought that magenta Balenciaga! But, it may get returned. It was listed as the Medium with the dimensions of the Classique. So--I'm not sure what I'm getting--haha! If it turns out to be the small one, it's not such a good deal and will probably go back to Bluefly. If it's the medium they listed it as, they still may have fiddled with the current list price--I'm not sure.
  12. Yay, at least one of our members snatched up that magenta b-bag!! Let us know if it's actually the first or the city when you get it will ya?

    Oh, I just took another good look at it. Most likely it'll be the "first" since the picture and the dimensions represent the "first" size.