Whoa! Ancient 2003 White First!

  1. Wow- the strap is way longer! I love it! She may look soft but dang she's dry!!!!
    pics 013.jpg pics 014.jpg pics 015.jpg pics 016.jpg pics 017.jpg
  2. More pics
    pics 018.jpg pics 019.jpg pics 020.jpg
  3. And- is this silver hardware or pewter? Or is that the same thing?
  4. pewter - and grab the lubriderm!!! gorgeous bag alaska - besides the dryness, she's in incredible shape!
    just moisturize the heck out of her and she'll be good as new. congrats on such an awesome find
  5. Thanks! I'm going to try Lubriderm tonight..
  6. nice find! i love the longer straps. :smile:

    that violet first is gorgeous though!!
  7. Wow "M" you're on a roll! I'm in love with your collection!!
  8. lol- keep in mind my collection is always fluid.

    I'd say she was a find~ got her for way less than 1/2 off retail! :nuts:
  9. I love it, so cute.
  10. Gorgeous, congrats!!
  11. Wow she's gorgeous!!!!! I was wondering when she was going to arrive!! Take some after pics once she's moisturized!!
  12. Love the longer strap! She's lovely, congrats!
  13. Thanks ladies! the bag is in C condition- hopefully some lubriderm and LMB will help a bag out!
  14. Love the bag.

    I wish Balenciaga would bring back the longer straps
  15. love it! congrats!