Who would've expected that Vernis could get discolored SO badly?

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  1. I was looking at a picture of a picture of a Vernis item on 2nd-handbag.com...


    At first glance it kind of looks like a yellow-orange coloured vernis that has been faded in a couple of areas...but then...looking at a picture of the side of the bag:


    and the inside too:


    Turns out this is the rose vernis! :wtf:

    Holy cow! If it weren't for the glazing and the inside, I would've totally thought this was one of the older colours...but if it didn't have those discoloured patches, I guess it wouldn't look too bad, would it?
  2. oh my gosh!!! :wtf:
  3. :crybaby:
  4. OMG :wtf:!!!!!!!!!!

    How could this happen? Maybe because it has been under the sun for a long time or something?
  5. OMG that is a COMPLETELY different colour! Poor little bag.

    I saw one on eBay once that the front of the bag when you lift the flap up was two different colours such a shame
  6. Oh, poor bag! That's why I'll stick to darker and newer vernis colors.
  7. So sad...but it's now its own LE color (hopefully it's the only 1 of them around :smile:)!
  8. WOW! ew!!
  9. I looooooooove this colour, I Would buy this colour if they made it :flowers:
  10. Jumpin' jeez! Pink is white mixed with red. How on earth did it turn yellow/orange?! What'd they do, send the bag to Chernobyl to test for radiation?
  11. OMG hahahaha too funny !! :lol::lol::lol:
  12. Most likely the yellowing caused the pink to turn orange.
  13. Wow!!! ...I do have to say I like the color, though lol
  14. Wow!!!
  15. wow. i hope my sunset wont end up turning poop brown in the years ahead.