Who wouldn't love a MJ Zip Clutch? (Apparently my mother...)

  1. Can't believe it. Decided to spoil my mother with a Marc Jacobs Zip Clutch for her birthday. She was admiring it when we shopped at Nordies together after Christmas. My awesome SA let me have one 40% off (price matching the ones that were on sale elsewhere) in the color of my choice (!!!) so I chose Sesame for Mom. She was all excited, then when she got it in the mail, e-mailed to say she "can't fit all her stuff in it" and mailed it back to me. Said she really needs one she can fit her checkbook in. (I can fit my checkbook in my ZC just fine!) Unreal. So now I am trying to decide whether to return it or keep it. Have one in Brick, so really don't need one in Sesame, and that wouldn't be my first color choice anyway. Perhaps I'll exchange it for the Black one. Sigh. Hard to believe the whole world isn't as in love with MJ as I am.

    Oh... one final note on this story. My mother actually saw a L.A.M.B. wallet that she liked... the Rasta model. I ask you... how insane is it that she could like THAT and not the ZC?!
  2. Haha! I gave my mom a blake - and she gave it back saying it was "Too heavy." I was like...but it's MARC JACOBS. Anyway...I guess it's not for everyone.

    I'd take it back if you aren't 100% in love with the color and don't need it - you could use that money towards a bag!
  3. My mother also found a AAA replica LV bag in the Bahamas a few years ago, bought it, but never carried it because she lives in a small town and said she was worried about what people would think if they saw her carrying such a premiere designer bag like that. I said, "Mom... it's FAKE." And she said, "Yes, but they don't know that."
  4. LMFAO.....I gave my mom a MJ dianee and I have never seen here carry it...i gave it to her for her 50th birthday and also made her a huge basket full of bath and body works products....guess which one she and all her friends oooohhed and aaaahhhhed about.... i don't get it

    i love bath and body works too but damn...i did give you an MJ!
  5. I have found that MJ isn't as popular as some other classics (LV, Chanel, etc) with women of older age groups. I think 40% off is a steal for a ZC, plus you got to pick whatever color you wanted. Maybe you can try selling it on eBay? If not, I would say go back and get one in a color you like.
  6. all the more Mj-credit for you to spend on yourself! :graucho: i'll never understand some people....how can you not love MJ??? i mean, i like L.A.M.B., but the quality needs some definate improvement before i go there again...
  7. My mom is like this, too.

    Two funny stories:

    #1 - I was in LA visiting and saw her bag in the entryway. I think it looks kinda funny, so I take a closer look.......it's VINYL. Like, trying to be leather. So I freak out and say, "MOM! WTF are you CARRYING?!" and she goes, "It's a nice leather bag!" and I'm like, "NO IT'S NOT! It's a PLEATHER BAG!" :roflmfao: She says, "Oh. Well. I like it anyway. What's the problem?" Oy.

    #2 - She has this black Chanel bag that belonged to my grandmother. I know NADA about Chanel - but it's that classic old quilted looking bag with the chain handle and no flap in the front. Anyway, she kinda tosses it around and uses it for special occasions, but doesn't really pay much attention to upkeep or anything. So I say, "Mom...that's a CHANEL bag. Shouldn't you be...nicer to it?" She says, "It's a fake." :weird: I was THERE WHEN MY GRANDMOTHER BOUGHT IT!! :roflmfao: At NEIMAN'S!!!! Or Saks, or whatever - point is, it's real, and upon hearing it's real, my mom says, "Oh. Whatever." :roflmfao:

    The irony in all this is that she'd NEVER spend more than $50 on a bag for herself, and here she is carrying around a 20 year old Chanel bag like it's a canvas grocery bag. :roflmfao:

    MOMS!! :roflmfao:

  8. take it away from her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bag abuse! she should lose custody over that poor poor chanel....where are the purse cops when you need em? :roflmfao:
  9. ^^^^RIGHT?! :roflmfao: I've asked once or twice if I could have it, and I know she'd give it to me, but it's sentimental for her, so I didn't push the issue. She's only using it for special occasions now, thankfully!
  10. I love all you guys' stories, so funny! My mom was never into purses either (carried around a super old plain leather handbag for ages), and I finally convinced her to spend around $300 on a Coach purse this summer. She loved it, but guess what--the stupid thing broke, and now Coach is taking like 3 months to fix it. Arugh, she totally lost faith in designers... unfortunately I'm too much of a broke student to buy her an MJ or I would in a heartbeat!
  11. These stories are cracking me up!

    My mom doesn't even carry a purse. She carries a $5 plastic Hello Kitty wallet so there haven't been any MJ appreciation deficiences from her. She wouldn't ever use a purse so I;ll never get the chance to spoil her w/ MJ.
  12. so funny, my boss got a zip clutch from a business acquaintance and didn't want it! she thought it was fake and made me authenticate it! i told her it was real and she still didn't want it. now i have a ZC in natural that i need to get rid of (i already have quilted grey and silver, so don't need another)
  13. What is up with these people? LOL!! Craziness!! They don't know a good thing, a GREAT thing for that matter, when they see it. And to get something MJ as a gift? For free? And then not love it? ~Sigh~:rolleyes:
  14. Yep funny stories! Your moms are all crazy :smile:.
  15. I brought my Mom a ZC for Xmas as well. I must say she is taking care of it and enjoying it. Maybe it was the lecture I gave her before I gave it to her!!!! I remember the first designer purse I gave her she put a "Bic" pen in it and got ink all over it. I thought I was going to died!!!!!!!