Who would you want to collaborate with Tokidoki for making handbags?

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  1. There is this rumor saying that tokidoki is going to collaborate with another handbag designer to make more bags after tokidoki is ending. I know tokidoki is collaboratiing with Hello kitty also. Who else do you want tokidoki to collaborate with? Louis vuitton? burberry? etc?
  2. Loop NYC! or Matt & Nat!
  3. i agree with the lopp nyc, i'd like to see a betsey johnson colab eventhough she isn't "known" for purses.
  4. Tano handbags because they have different colored leathers. I think a Toki lining inside would be cool.
  5. I think a "tokidoki for Moopiland" would be cute!! One of my friends is the creator of Moopiland (http://moopiland.com) and makes clothing, bags, and accessories. Her Moopiland characters and the tokidoki characters would be cute together!!

    Also I'm not a fan of LV, but I think a "tokidoki for Louis Vuitton" would be cute if they did something like the Murakami collection with the smiling blossoms!!

    As much as I looooooooove Coach, I can't see that collaboration. *lol*
  6. Tokidoki & Louis Vuitton hahahaha ;]


    Might be cool?
  7. paul frank? lol
    i think that might be an interesting combo - they are two different styles but dosen't seem to be too conflicting...
  8. Yak Pak is another brand I thought of. Their bags are made out of canvas cloth and they use different solid color linings.
  9. Ooh, I hadn't thought of LOOP right away, but that would be cool.
  10. oooh, paul frank! i love his ellie and peanut characters, and would just die if they made a bag with them on it.

    i'm looking forward to the lesportsac-stella mccartney collaboration. i love her blend of high fashion, organic, and sportiness, and i'm so very curious how this will translate into lesport bags.
  11. harajuku lovers
  12. I think it's might be HK (Hello Kitty)...some of the bags that came out not to long ago starting to look pretty bright, and something that would be part of Tokidoki...