Who would you want to be the next LV model?

Personally I think that LV should stay with Giselle, or how about Eva from ANTM - I don't really like the celebrity representative too much crossing over to fashion - I would prefer a model to be the face of fashion, not a vocalist or an actress.
Seems like LV is trying to figure out how to position themselves -- do they lose any part of the market that pictures Audrey Hepburn with her Speedy if they start featuring models in jeans, hoodies and sneakers with their Speedies? It was really a revelation to me to see these photos of the younger women in their jeans and Speedies -- I could relate to LV for the first time. It had always seemed sort of too ladylike and snooty to me before that. (May-be I have just been really out of it -- that's altogether possible!!!) But I can see that LV (especially the Speedy) has amazing crossover potential to a younger hipper clientele. I would love to hear the discussion at their marketing meetings. Whoever they choose as their model will reflect their targeted positioning.
muppy said:
how about monica bellucci? a french lady for a french brand... i think she is such a beauty!

I just spotted this thread and thought of her immediately too! :lol:


Other choices would be:

Ashley Judd


Gabrielle Union



Jeri Ryan


Nadia Bjorlin


(I know some aren't considered A-List stars but they are GORGEOUS)
i think that they should stay with models, not actors or musicians. I hear that marc jacobs is quite unhappy with the whole fashion being dominated with celebrity models. but that was just in the rumor mill so I can't vouche for it's credibility.

how about a no-name model and make her a star. that would be cool and reminiscent of the 80's evolution of the 'supermodel'.

sometimes its creatively successful to take it back to basics.
coachwife6 said:
Giselle and Uma get my vote. When I think of LV, I always think of Angelina Jolie. And, how about Julianne Moore?

I agree!! Both of them would get my vote!! Especially since so many have been attracted to the Cabas having seen Angelina wearing it!