who would you say LV target markets are?

  1. Who does LV and LVMH target their goods towards? I have been looking all over online for this and cant find anything. I always thought it was middle aged rich women but my group said i was way wrong and that it was younger people?? I cant find any info on this.. thanks
  2. The japanese!!!!
  3. ooooo yes that is very very true thanks
  4. I'd guess younger middle class as well, they may not have as much money, but they have a lot less debt (e.g. no giant mortgage) so things like entry level bags (neverfull) would likely be targetted towards them. As someone else said, "gateway drugs". :graucho:
  5. ^ Yes and also, i've been thinking about this, i think LV tries to market its bags depedning on how much they cost. They don't really market pochettes and speedy b/c they are so common and most can afford them. But much more thought in marketing and money is invested in a bag like the mirage speedy.
  6. I am thier target! And let me tell you, they GOT me! ;)
  7. i would say it depends on the line

    monogram: middle/upper class young adults..."it" people
    leather bags: middle/upper class professionals
    "le" : upper class folks
  8. I think........before it was the rich people only......know they make styles for lots of different styles and such,multicolor is a very fun and flirty line,i dont say its only for young people,and the epi is for more proffesional people,but i dont say its not the the young....They make a lot of styles and people just fall in love with the bags.....even if its not their usual style.
    As for the prices...well sometimes it depends on the material....sometimes not :cool:
  9. I think that they have become quite diversified. LV used to make their bags for the rich middle age classy shopper. But over the years, younger and younger people have begun to have access to larger amounts of money than in the past. Now they have several lines and each would appeal to a different target audience. Just walk into an LV boutique and you can see people in there from teens to seniors. The one thing that always shocks me is how much money there really is out there. On a Saturday you cannot move in the lV near me.
  10. it really just for who ever that can aford it, they just want money! i'm reading deluxe but still not finished yet but all they wnat is money, and do whatever they can to get your money.
  11. young daddy's girls,stay at home wives with rich husbands,CEO's they always have an add in forbes magazine Time etc and ofcourse business men with sence of style...
  12. I'm surprised no one knows. Louis Vuitton is clearly and is known for being made for the jet-set lifestyle. It always has and always will be. It's for the sopisticated traveler that lives a glamorous lifestyle, is fashionable and in the know for trends and a great modern lifestyle while still being classic. Look at the ads and magazines. Naomi Campbell was photographed in the desert with a MultiColore Alzer 80, the Neverfull and new Pegase were shown in a recent catalogue while getting into a towncar after a hotel stay. They have men boarding private jets with their steamer trunks and suitcases, leaving the mansion with a serius 70 and Carryall, another small catalogue talked about about trunks, and the way the bags were designed. It's ALL off of luggage. Every, single, piece by Louis Vuitton is deisgned and made for the jet set lifestyle. The handbags were designed off of luggage, the clothing, the accesories with the hardware. EVERYTHING.

    Not for anyone else other than the Jet Set Lifestyle.
  13. :rolleyes:

    They must be a doing pretty sh*tty job with that marketing campaign, seeing as how so many of us "commoners" are buying up LV :lol: If they really wanted to target the jet setting elite, all their bags would be much more expensive/exclusive, no? :idea:

    I agree with those who said various lines/collections are targeted towards different consumers.
  14. Just because it's made for a certain group of people doesn't mean that JUST them will buy it. Royalty have been seen with the luggage, many famous travelers in history have been seen with their product, many famous people in fashion.

    Aren't common people buying Chanel, etc. It's influences, which powers the economy. Stock and Demand... :rolleyes:

  15. LOL, Dell, Im right there with you on that one !!!!!!!:p