Who Would Want To Walk Around With Their Name Sewn On Their Bag In Leather ?

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    Check out the two people in the back also carrying Paris shopping bags for her.
  4. I should have guessed. :rolleyes:
  5. I guess its better than JUICY on the ass.
  6. Is that K-Fed in the background of one of those first pics.......LOL???

    Perhaps the bag was a gift from her mom or someone close to her? Maybe that's why she is carrying it. I can't see why she'd carry it otherwise. I've seen her carry very beautiful bags and that one doesn't even look like one she'd pick out for herself. I don't care for her really but she does normally have good taste in bags, shoes, clothing and cars..that's for sure. I will give her that credit.
  7. Well, that's ugly!
  8. agree:yes:
  9. And guess what!?! She also has the days of the week sewn on to the backside of her underwear, too!
  10. so damn tacky
  11. Yeah but isnt that to remind her to put them on ?
  12. Can always count on you all for a good laugh
  13. LOL

    I honestly thought it would be Britney! So tacky.
  14. lol that bag is really ugly.
  15. Maybe someone should tell her that all the college students do it to their LLBean backpacks, so it's nothing new.