Who would put this on their little girl???!!!

  1. While looking for cute summer clothes for my daughters, I came across this outfit titled "rufled bra and booty shorts"...quite possibly the most WRONG thing that I can imaging a child wearing!!!!
    booty shorts.jpg
  2. Yikes!!!!! That is just baaaaaaaaaaaad! My daughter is almost 1 and my husband and I are often shocked at the clothes we see in stores.
  3. Poor girls..
  4. No wonder they looked so pissed
  5. And this was from a high-end website!!!! I cannot believe the stuff that people are putting on their little girls!!! Whatever happened to smocked dresses with a nice bow in the hair??? My girls are 7 and almost 5, so they are more into the trendy types of clothes, but still.... "booty shorts"!!!!!!
  6. Omg :wtf: that is just HORRIBLE!
    who in the world would put their child in that? :/ just sick.
  7. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  8. Yikes..the shorts don't look so bad because they look like bathing suit bottoms (which should obviously be worn ONLY at the beach) but the top is just over the edge. Yuck.
  9. its a bit stripper... i mean you really shouldnt be dressing babies up like they can slide down a pole and put dollar bills in their panties.
  10. Just look at the expression on that kid on the right... She's not having any of it!!!
  11. WHAT HAPPENED TO FULL COVERED SWIMMING COSTUMES? When I was 5 I wore clothes for a 5 year old seriously nowadays its outrageous, my sister who is 7 wears mini-skirts - whats all that about??? I spose different generations but still - little girls should be little girls and should keep a firm hold of their childhood NOT wear provocative clothing!!!
  12. omg... that is horrendous!! i absolutely love little girls in their cute little dresses with matching hair accessories or even those cute little character sets and I definitely comment on how cute they are to the parents but this.... wow, better to keep my mouth shut :yes:
  13. The top is just awful.... phew, they will have to wear stuff like that for a loooooong time, so no rush now.... (wish i could still work the whole cute dress with bow in the hair look but....)
  14. Lolololol!
  15. uhm did anyone notice the cup size in the bra part? its not only weird, but hideous.