Who Would Play You...

  1. Who Would Play You...In A Movie?:wondering Possibly Your Lifestory?:idea:

    *I Got This From Lifetime When They Ask "Who Would Play You In A Lifetime Movie"...I Think This Is More Fun Without Lifetime (Not So Many PFer's Are Lifetime Addicts As I Am)

    Everyone Tells Me Shoshanna (Lonstein) Gruss...But, She Is A Designer (I Got That Way Back When She Was 1st W/Seinfeld & I Still Do)...Maybe Shiva Rose? Or Rena Sofer???

    How About You: What Star/Celebrity ~ Would Play You Best In A Story Of Your Life???
  2. NOT a lifetime addict like you??? lol!!! I just woke up and turned on the telly...LMN is on (lifetime channel on satelite) Mafias wife just started!!! Love lifers!! (did you see Human trafficing? OR that movie the other night with Eric Roberts, he met a woman on line...blah blah blah...LOVED IT!!!) Now I have to think about who would play me....
  3. Well I get Nicole Kidman ALL the time, but not as skinny as her so she would have to do a Renee Zellinger (Sp?) to play me. :smile:
  4. I'd like to think Angelica Houston, but more likely: Kathy Bates. :amuse:
  5. I think Angelina Jolie, or Kate Beckinsale.
  6. I think there's a thread on this already . . .{?}
    I'd say Reese Witherspoon or Alicia Silverstone. Those are the 2 people say I resemble.
    Probably Reese, we're both mother's and from the South, probably have more in common! I actually lived near her parents in TN for a while.
  7. Drew Barrymore with fake tan...:amuse:
  8. I've gotten Gwyneth Paltrow and Calista Flockhardt. I'm kind of hyper like Calista, so Gwyneth would need to take some speed:smile:
  9. Lucy Liu
  10. I would say probably Drew Barrymore or Kate Bosworth...but Kate would have to put on a little bit of weight. ;)
  11. I want Maggie Gyllenhaal to play me.

    I :heart:3333 her.
  12. I LOVE All Your Choices!!!

    Sunshine ~ I'm So Glad You LOVE "LMN" As Much As Me. Human Traffiking Was So Good...I Haven't Seen It Since The Premiere Last Fall.......Eric Roberts Is Amazing In Both Those Movies!!!

    Swanky ~ You Lived Near Resse's Parents...VERY Cool. I Can See Both Playing You (From Your Daughter's Beautiful Face!)
  13. I've been told I look like Michelle Gellar. But I don't think so. But I like her, so why not. :biggrin:
    However Reese or Drew are always good choices.
  14. ^All Three Are Fabulous Choices!