Who would play YOU in a movie of your life?

  1. I was reading today that they were going to make a film of somebody's life (sorry, can't remember who exactly it was) and they were asked who they would like to play them and it got me thinking. Who would you like to play you in a movie of your life?

    I think that I would like Alyssa Milano to play me.

    a) because she is beautiful (much prettier than me but my hair is the same as her short style so that counts!!!)
    b) she's tiny, like me
    c) I'm a little bit obsessed since I saw her in Charmed (not to stalker levels though!)
  2. I would love her to play me, but that wouldn't be very realistic, although I have some tattoos. They would probably get someone more Irish and way *****ier like Shannon Doherty to play me. I apparently watch too much Charmed also.
  3. the only actress to come remotely close to resembling me would be Selma Hayek. They'd have to tape her boobs down though...
  4. Cate Blanchett - not because she looks like me, but because she's one of my absolute favorite actors ever. I think she could get anyone down... she's doing Bob Dylan and I can see her doing it better than most of the men playing him!

    I was told once I resembled Sandra Bullock, but you know I think I was being rated up in an attempt to be polite. lol. I'm far more awkward looking than her.

    My sister though, looks like Jennifer Connelly. Not me. But maybe we could fudge the difference, for Hollywood's sake? ;)

    But wow, this would be one boring movie. Alot of dramatic liscence would have to be taken....
  5. Michelle Reis, although i'm nowhere near as pretty as she is :lol:
  6. nia long or vanessa bell callaway
  7. I would play me for sure. There is only one me. (and it can be scary!!) AND entertaining!
  8. Julia Roberts in her "Pretty Woman" days.
  9. I think I answered this exact thread topic like a month ago...

    but anyways, same answer: Claire Danes.
  10. It would be an honour for me, to have Fairuza Balk play mine out. :heart:
  11. Yeah I was having a little deja vu as well! :lol:
  12. Jenna Elfman. People are always telling me I look like her. Someone even stopped me once in an airport to ask me if I was her.
  13. Naomi Campbell. People tell me that I look like her. I think she's a tad bit prettier and much more taller and *****ier.
  14. People used to ALWAYS tell me when I was younger that I looked like "Laura" from "Family Matters." I never saw a resemblance. So maybe Kellie Shanygne Williams who played "Laura" would portray me.
  15. Ok, I want to see Sunshine The Movie!!

    For me, check out my avatar. All my friends have nicknamed me Karen - I look like her, act like her, have her sense of humor.