Who Would Pay $300,000 for a Handbag?

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  1. Please delete if someone has posted this already. Thanks.


    One of the auction’s stars was a 12-inch Hermès Birkin matte Himalayan crocodile handbag, with white-gold hardware set with 245 F-color diamonds weighing close to 10 carats. With a presale estimate of $190,000 to $260,000, it was billed as “the most valuable handbag in the world.”
  2. Who would buy? Someone with the money and interest.

    I'd happily take the bag as a gift, have the diamonds removed and reset and give the bag to whomever wanted it. 😄
  3. Lol - I seriously laughed when I read this. As my hubby said "that's more than most people spend on their house". I just can't imagine even if I could justifying that purchase.
  4. There are plenty of men who would spend that much on a car, or on a painting, or whatever suits their fancy. So my response would be why not. If there is a buyer, there is a way!

  5. Agreed!
  6. Why do people spend money on anything? Because they can. I know my Mom's family was a bit - well, not frowned upon, but looked at in a certain way - because they drove around in Mercedes limos and flew their Learjet and helicopter. Business was good and money was pouring in. And their family company owned a tanker, too, because hey, why not?! (Bonkers.)
    If you have money, put it to use. If you have an insane amount of money, just try to put it where it's not completely wasted.

    If a person spends $5M on a jet, $1,5M on a boat, $20M on a house, $3M on a ranch to house their $1M worth of horses, $1,5M on a couple of cars and $200K on a wedding ring, a mere $300K on a bag doesn't seem like much, does it?
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    Agreed, it's all relative. Some people think its crazy to spend $300!!
  8. Pretty sure there's a thread already in the H forum on this :-s

    To answer, I don't mind who, I'm always happy when rich people spend their money, it should be in circulation
  9. Yes pleeeese :ghi5:
  10. If I had the $, then for sure!!!
  11. Mỹ question would be moreso...who would ever carry it. I'd be scared of it getting stolen and me getting bopped upside my head...or worse for someone to get it. it's a bit harder to steal a lear jet, yacht...or even a car than a bag. so many ppl on tpf have shared stories about their bags getting stolen.

    so if I had it, it would be prominently displayed in a case...just like it is in the pic in the article
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    Why not? Don't see the problem, though of course I don't have that kind of $$ :lol:. More power to that him/her!
  13. Totally agree. I have friends who flinch at the idea of spending more than a certain amount on a bag (nothing more than a few hundred). If you have the money, why not?

  14. You would get it insured!
  15. hùi
    u must have missed the bopped in the head...or worse. ppl have gotten killed for less. no need to make myself a huge target.

    damn that bag. my concern is my own safety
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