who would leave their Hermes on the dirty ground?

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  1. So I worked the childrens petting zoo today and one woman came in with her two kids. She had a black (birkin?) with silver hardware and just plops it in on the dirty cement floor :wtf: before entering the goat yard. And she left it there while she pet the animals! :wtf: :wtf: I wanted sooo badly to walk up to it and examine it and take a photo with my cell phone but never had the opportunity to look inconspicous doing that.
    Now, I don't care how much moola or hermes you have, why would anyone do this???? :confused1: Unless it was a fake?
  2. I don't know of anyone who put a designer bag on the dirty ground and leave it unattended, especially a Hermès Birkin! Probably was a fake then.....
  3. i would never put my purse on the ground/floor, to begin with... clean or dirty...
  4. eww! maybe it was fake? :shrugs:

    I would never do that!
  5. Some celebrities do that. :yes:
  6. yuck!:yucky: ...:shrugs:
  7. this chick was no celebrity. although she did have alot of "bling'' on....
  8. ewwww
  9. It doesn't necessarily mean it's fake. Maybe she just sees it as a purse and nothing special.

    I don't put anything on the cement ground though ... even if it's something like a newspaper.... Yuck!
  10. Well, to some people, a purse is just a purse. Maybe she had a lot of money and bought it because she liked it, not because it was a show piece.
  11. Awww!!!

    That poor (if real) Hermes purse!! :crybaby:

  12. I still would not leave a $10,000 + bag unattended though.
  13. Meh :/ yeah that's just WRONG.
    no matter what you can't just put a purse on the ground..cause of germs 1st of all! you're holding onto it all the time then all those germs will travel to you..
    YUCK! :sick:
    Guessing it's either a fake or she's just icky :S
  14. Yeah I think you right! Not everybody is a purse lover. I can`t follow them. (I don`t have a designer yet, but all my (leather) bags are mine babies!!) But i see it all the time!! and everytime it breaks my heart:crybaby:
  15. Yech.