Who would have thought it?

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  1. I'm on vacation right now, visiting friends here in Ft. Lauderdale.

    It was an AGONIZING decision on which bags to bring. Seriously, I plotted for weeks. I have with me:

    Mono Petit Noe (used on the plane)
    Mono Speedy 30
    Panda Pochette (as well as the extender and long strap)
    Azur Pochette
    Denim Baggy PM (with both straps)

    not to mention my Ludlow (two Cles -- gotta match!), Wapity (for camera) and a mini pochette

    non LV:
    Coach Large Sig Stripe Tote
    Coach black leather Swing Pack
    Coach black clutch

    plus assorted Coach accessories...

    So which bag have I used the most?


    Seriously, she's out the most, I don't know if it's because I am not doing typical touristy stuff, but I've used her three times already and I have been here since Thursday. Weird....

    YAY FOR SPEEDY!!!!!!!!!!
  2. were they all packed in your carry on luggage?
    WHere do you find space for new purchases on the trip?
    If you were not staying with friends, aren't you afraid that you might loose it while it's in the hotel. I think I'm just a worry wart. But that's the kind of stuff that cross my mind........:sweatdrop:
  3. The speedy is THE best bag, IMO!!!

  4. Plus 2 bathing suits and a pair of flip-flops. :roflmfao:

    Actually it sounds like I packed for you...:yes:
  5. speedy is a great bag no matter what! the only thing about it that bugs me is that it hurts my arm after awhile if I have a lot of stuff in it..LOL.
  6. Love the speedy....that's great-I find it a very useful bag. You know what I love best? It's light as a feather!!!!!!!!

  7. That is too funny, we must have posted at the same time and came up with two different answers!! :nuts: Personally I meant that the bag itself is light as a feather. I have an all leather Coach hobo that weighs a ton when empty!! :smile:
  8. geez, girl, how much did you pack?!

    glad you used the speedy lots though!
  9. This made me life so much!! I just got back from Orlando(yesterday) and I did a similiar thing. I took my denim mini pleaty, mini lin cancun(for disney), and panda pochette. I used all 3 bags almost everyday- I had to justify bringing them since DH thought I was crazy!
  10. The speedy is great! I love that the canvas is so light...I really think that the monogram speedy 25 may be my next LV purchase!
  11. Speedy is def the best bag ever!!
  12. How long are you staying?
  13. Haha, I was also wondering how you fit all those bags in your luggage! lol :smile: Hope you're having fun! And maybe next time you really need to pack light, you know the Speedy would be your go-to bag ;)
  14. Wow- and I thought I packed heavy :p