Who works out while on their period?

  1. Am I the only 1 that uses this excuse NOT to work out?


    I would hate to jump around with a bloody pad or something on ya know??

    What do u you girls do? Take the week off? :upsidedown:
  2. Ummm........okaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

    That's never stopped me from working out.
  3. That has never stopped me from working out, playing ice hockey or anything else. Besides, exercise helps decrease cramping.
  4. It's never stopped me from working out.
  5. nope. never stopped me either.
  6. LOL! Can't count me in either:nogood:
    It's never actually crossed my mind. . . .
  7. I've read that you actually burn more fat when exercising during your period so if anything I try to fit in an extra session :supacool: :upsidedown::lol:
  8. never stops me and I've also heard it helps with cramping.

    maybe try tampons if you don't like the idea of working out and wearing a pad.
  9. Never stopped me either with tampons of course!
  10. well dang!! LOL!
    I guess we can justify that I'm lazy.

  11. :lol:
  12. :shame:

  13. Hi LouisLady :smile: - it appears that we are both in the minority! :lol: I only skip the first 2 days as I find it uncomfortable with the pad (never occured to use a tampon! :lol:).

    ^ Now if this is true, it's definitely motivation to workout during my period!! Thanks Loony :flowers:
  14. lol, yes apparently! i am so embarassed...lol :nuts:
    maybe its me with the heavy periods that still leak sometimes even with my overnight pads worn in the day times too!:push:
  15. I'm with you! When I get my period, it's vacation and TV time. I just can't stand to jump around when it's that time of the month.