Who works in Fashion?

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  1. i know you all love bags and fashion, but how many of you work in fashion? How many of you want to? If you do what do you do? does it rock or does it suck, tell us all!!!!:nuts:
  2. I've always wanted to, but I'd probably never make it.. plus I can't afford to be a starving artist !
  3. If I had it to do over again, I would become a fashion editor. I love fashion and have degrees in communication and journalism.
  4. I work for a large apparel retailer, but I don't really work in "fashion" -- I'm a web developer.
  5. Im a stylist for C.B.S, and M.T.V
  6. This sounds like one of my dream jobs. It wasn't until after I completed graduate school that I decided what I really wanted to do with my life. I always leaned towards law school, but now I have discovered that fashion is my true passion. I guess I became more shallow over the years (not meant to be offensive, just reflecting on myself).
  7. Close, I work at a bank!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. Does my online vintage purse store count as working in fashion? I guess that's really more retail, but as the boss I do get to select what I sell . . . . and I get to spend part of the day trying to convince you purse lovers that a collection cannot be complete without at least one or two little ventures into the realm of vintage and antique purses!
  9. Always follow your heart and dreams.
  10. I am! Well not yet but I'm following it....I will be taking fashion design at the Art University, and I want to start designing personal pieces....If that dosen't happen I want to work at one a the fashion houses making new designs to market at boutiques....I love clothes....so that's my dream to work with!
  11. I'm an assistant handbag designer... plus I get commissioned to make bags on the side for people.
  12. I was an intern for Leslie Newton who also makes the Timi&Leslie bags Megs has featured on the purse blog AND I LOVED IT but I am so ambivalent about ... EVERYTHING
  13. Luna, do you sell your bags? I've seen some of them on the TFS blog, and they are v. cool ... You're quite talented!
  14. wow loads of you have awesome jobs. i like paisely am study at art school in london in the hope of working in fashion. is it really as fun as i imagine?
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