who works at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, CA??

  1. hey all, i believe there are a few of you guys here that work in that mall.. How do you like it?? Which store do you work in?? Where do you guys commute from?? I'm debating whether I should interview for an exec position there with Macy's since I'd be commuting all the way from the 626 area.. If you guys commute, how bad is your commute?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. everyone on here knows by now, but i'll say it again. i work at the Restoration Hardware store there, located in the West building (formerly known as Crystal Court).

    it's a great mall imo.. well imho, it's the best mall in the world. lol. the only thing i dont like about it, is during xmas/holiday, where employees have to park. but other than that, everything else is fab!

    and my commute isn't much, since i live about 5 miles from the mall. but even then, my commute time can vary between 15 minutes to an hour, depending on how retarded the traffic is.

    if the pay can cover your mileage or something of that extent, i would go for it. the whole mall is so awesome.. plus, tons of great amenities nearby. :smile:
  3. i don't work at south coast but im from the 626 area and my bf goes to school at UCI so we commute alot back and forth from where we live to uci to ucsd (where i go). the commute is not that bad .. without traffic it takes about an hour. south coast plaza is amazing! it's definitely my favorite mall in southern ca. :smile: