Who wore patent before it being "hot" AND--

  1. who will continue to wear it when it isnt??? I will :yes:
  2. I love patent and will wear my patent luxury tote and ritz bag forever. I think both are classic bags, patent or not.
  3. Sorry for the grammar mistake--before it WAS hot!
  4. I think patent is classic, it may go in and out of being a hot trend but it's been around forever and isn't going anywhere IMO.
  5. It's not going to go out of style. Patent is a classic, it just got a lot of play the past few seasons.
  6. I agree. . . I don't think it's 'in' so much right now, I think it's always 'in'.
    So, I'll like it later, just like I liked it before! :biggrin: