Who Wore It Better ?

  1. [​IMG]
    Rachel Bilson, Sophie Bush, Catherine Zeta Jones, or Angie Harmon ?

    Kirsten Dunst or Chloe Sevign ?

    Carmen Electra or Christina Milian ?

    Rihana or Kelis ?

    Ivanka Trump or Natalie Maines ?
  2. Angie & Rachel both rocked that dress!
    kirsten looks less tacky.
    Carmens skirt lets you see the entire heart, but Christinas skirt is so hot.
    Rhianna & Kelis?? There is no better, that top thing is fug.
    Ivanka, but her old breasts would have looked better in that dress.
  3. Angie and Rachel are the only ones I liked....lol...in any of them
  4. rachel and angie
    carmen electra, but christina's shoes are hot
    none, that top is just hideous
  5. All look good except Katherine Zeta Jones.
    Kristin and Chloe it has to be a tie! That skirt is butt a$% ugly.
    Christina Milan Wins!
    Rihanna wins the Milkshake girl forgot her pants!
    Ivanka wins! Even her Mom Ivana would look better than Natalie in that dress!
  6. Wow.:wtf:

    Both the Carmen/Christina & Rihana/Kelis tops are mo fugly (pardon my french!!!).
  7. Rachel Bilson for the black out fit..

    Chloe Sevign for the 2nd outfit...

    black and white outfit NEITHER IMO...

    Kelis for the white mini dress..

    Ivanka Trump for the velvey dress :biggrin:
  8. Angie, Carmen, Ivanka, Chloe Sevigny
  9. Angie, Chloe, Christina, Rihanna, Ivanka
  10. Oh man, i love these! hehe

    1) Rachel Bilson. It's young, it's cute, and the bag really livens up an otherwise very "mature" look.

    2) Dunst. Her choice to casual it up is definitely much more modern, and well.. she looks better. The jacket is super cute as well :smile:

    3) Although i do not like this top.. Carmen. The high skirt just does not work with this top, it messes up the lines.

    4) Again, don't love it.. but Rihana for sure. Kelis is totally overacessorized and looks trashy.

    5) Trump. The flats totally work, and she doesn't look like she's trying to hard.. unlike Maines who just looks a bit unkept.. The dress also much better suits hair that is "up."
  11. ivanka looks so lovely! and i like that first dress. rachel wears it best.
  12. 1. Rachel Bilson. she's the only one IMO who did not look 'downsized' by the dress

    2. Kirsten Dunst. she's just plain gorgeous......

    3. Christina Milian. she looked way classy

    4. Rihana, hands down sexy. (kelis) aside from looking trashy, whats up with the sag??????

    5. Ivanka. classy and poised
  13. 1. Rachel!

    2. Neither :wtf:

    3. Not sure :confused1:

    4. Rihana

    5. :weird:
  14. Rachel and Angie




  15. 1. Rachel
    2. Chloe
    3. Carmen
    4. Rhianna
    5. Ivanka