Who wore it better? Sunglasses

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  1. [​IMG]we raved about Angelina's fabulous winter white look and fell completely in love with her new Tom Ford sunglasses. Apparently, Angelina isn't the only about-town-star who owns a pair. We spotted Gwen Stefani wearing the same glasses around New York City this weekend as well! We can't decide who looks better in the much-coveted "Whitney" glasses: Angelina or Gwen?
  2. def. Angelina, she looks so polished
  3. I really like Angelina Jolie! Gwen looks a little weird to me lol! I love her sense of styles, but sometmes I ask myself wtf happened!
  4. angelina, Hands Down!!!!
  5. Angelina. It just isnt working for gwen...
  6. Yup Im for Angie too. So glamorous
  7. Jolie! :yes:
  8. I would usually always say Gwen looks better than any other celeb, but on this occassion Angelina looks amazing, so polished and such a classy look!
  9. Definitely angelina here...it could just be the color though.
  10. Angelina looks sophisticated. Gwen's hairstyle makes her look like a tacky cartoon character.
  11. Definitely Angelina. Gwen looks a littly psycho in the pic, Angelina always looks so beautiful.
  12. Angelina
  13. angelina!
  14. Definitely Angie!
  15. Angelina.