Who wore it better Kristen Bell or Catherine Zeta Jones?



  1. Kristen Bell

  2. Catherine Zeta Jones

  3. The dress is unflattering.

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  1. Who wore it better Kristen Bell or Catherine Zeta Jones?

  2. Catherine Zeta Jones
  3. Catherine definitely
  4. i'm going to be difficult and say neither... i like the length on kristen and the fit at the top on catherine.
  5. catherine gets my vote.
  6. Catherine all the way!
  7. Kristen Bell for sure
  8. Catherine...it looks like it's just hanging off of Kristen.
  9. mutton dressed as lamb springs to mind for CZJ.
  10. You have to be super-delicate (Nicole Ritchie type) or super tall and leggy (supermodel type) to pull this kind of dress off...I don't like either of them in the dress! If I have to choose, I'd say Kristen Bell, since the dress hits lower on her legs. She also looks a little more classy with the structured clutch, tidy red pumps, and top of the hair swept back. On CZJ, the extremely high hemline, along with the long wavy hair and the black sandals looks a little too streetwalker-esque for me.

    ...And since I absolutely LOVE CZJ in general and usually always admire her style, I feel awful writing that!!
  11. Catherine Zeta Jones
  12. Catherine Zeta Jones !
  13. CZJ for sure!:yes:
  14. Catherine for sure!!!

    I remember seeing that picture and thinking "Wow, that was made for her!"

    Kristen just doesn't even compare :nogood:
  15. Catherine