Who won?

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  1. The worst job bag give away? Just noticed the thread missing.
  2. It's on the long to-do list. :yes:
  3. We didn't forget... just have been swamped... we are actually on it as we speak... :yes:
  4. Oops-sorry to bother ya-I thought it was me missing it! Sorry guys-thanks for answering!
  5. No worries!!! We have it narrowed down... would you all want to vote or just have us pick?? This is HARD!!!
  6. We can vote....if it's too hard for you all to just pick one. Which I know it is..those were some pretty brutal jobs some had to deal with.
  7. We might have you vote.... !!!
  8. I think if Megs and Vlad narrowed the choices down to the best 5 or something and then have the rest of us vote for the 3
  9. Good idea!
  10. i say let megs&vlad decide. if we vote for the best three out of five/six/etc, the two/three/etc. who don't win might feel publicly bummed out. I think I might be projecting ;)
  11. Good point. I like the idea of voting, though.

    Maybe we could just all submit one vote (maybe PM Vlad or Megs our votes so it would be secret ballot?) and then they can choose the winner based on that.


    To make it easier for Megs and Vlad, would it be possible to just put a poll up? (With a rule being in place that we're not allowed to comment at all on the thread?)
  12. What was decided? I was on vacation and probably missed it
  13. ^nah. . . I still don't know either! LMBO!
  14. No we totally suck and are so behind!! I will make sure we pick tonight- the bags will be sent next week when we are back in Ohio and settling back down!! :yes:
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