Who won the tPF 1 Year Anniv contest?

  1. i never did get to find out who won! who were the lucky winners of all those LV goodies?
  2. The member Boku won the Alma and the other two winners never posted again...

    No worries! We have more giveaways coming up!
  4. What was the answer to the question? How many M&M was in the jar?
  5. Pic of my gorgeous Alma from tPF Contest.:wlae:
  6. TDF Gorgeous, hope you are having fun with this beauty!
  7. yeah, i was wondering the same...

    the alma is gorgeous!!
  8. Your Alma is BEAUTIFUL!!!
  9. So glad it went to you Boku!!!! Beautiful bag!
  10. :drool:

    Love the bag! I like your scarf too!
  11. Thank you, megs and John.
  12. That is an extra beautiful ALMA!!!:yes::heart: Is that a les triples scarf on there?
  13. Very pretty!!!! That is such a gorgeous color and bag, Boku!

    I have one suggestion for the next contest maybe...perhaps there should be a time limit that the people have had to have been a member here, a certain post count, thread in the "introduce yourself" area or something? It seems like a lot of people just joined for the contest and have never been seen again.
  14. we actually caught new and existing members starting new IDs just to have more chances.
    Hopefully V & M will come up w/ a new rules:yes:
  15. Ack, that's horrible! :push:
    Oh well, the first contest was a learning experience, I'm sure it'll be even better this time around!