who won America's Next Top Model 6???

  1. I missed the final episode, anyone can tell me who is the winner of ANTM????
    i hope its Joanie:P
  2. Danielle did. There is already a thread about it over in general discussion.
  3. DANIELLE!!!!!!!! She is the winner of ANTM!! But I love Sara! She is sooooooo gorgerous!!!!!!!!
  4. I was really rooting for Joanie.
  5. I wanted Joanie too... damnit
  6. Danielle won.... :shocked:
    I was really rooting for Joanie too!!!!!
  7. Kind of shocking...Danielle couldn't speak to save her life. That will limit some of her job potential. Pics were pretty nice, but in that business now you need to be able to speak to do real well.
  8. I wasn't shocked at all that she won. She's gorgeous! All she needs is a speaking coach. She can speak - she just has a heavy accent. They'll help her get rid of it with hard work. Alot of news reporters get speaking coaches for their profession and you rarely detect any accents from them no matter what part of the country they're from. She'll be just fine.
  9. shes hideous looking, they probably picked her because they felt sorry for her. she really needs communication lessons, BIG TIME.

    they should let the viewers pick the winners, not the judges.blah.
  10. I thought Danielle and Joanie took great pictures, even though I think Danielle seems like a dream to work with I suspected Joanie would win. Danielle did have more model presence at the final judging.
  11. No, that's why they picked last season's winner. Danielle is gorgeous and will go far. She'll make an outstanding runway and print model and once they work with her speach, she'll be just fine as a spokes person. Couldn't be happier for her! I'm glad the judges DID pick the winner.
  12. u think shes gorgeous?
    hahaha..i guess MAKEUP can do wonders.
  13. They all wear make up. Again yes, I think she's gorgeous. And I'm obviously not alone. She won.