Who will you like to win Miss Universe?

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  1. Wow, this year most of them are very pretty!
    My favorites are
    Ms. Albania, in her photo she reminded me of Angelina Jolie!
    Ms. Cyprus
    Ms. Colombia
    Ms. Israel
    Ms. New Zealand, is very pretty
  2. Eunika who are your favorites?!
  3. Miss USA! :biggrin:
  4. Miss Albania
    Miss Brazil
    Miss Canada
    Miss Puerto Rico
  5. I don't really pay attention to Miss Universe but I have to say that I don't want to see the girl who was on Project Runway last night...I believe she was Miss USA ? She wasn't really pretty.:sad:
  6. Miss St Lucia looks very pretty and fresh. A natural beauty. Not overly made-up like some of the others.
  7. Miss Egypt
    Miss Canada...of course
    and Miss Austrailia
  8. I think Ms. Brazil is beautiful
  9. They're all gorgeous:tender: But I'll like Miss Australia to win:rochard: :beach:
  10. My favourites are :

    Miss Canada
    Miss Indonesia
    Miss Puerto Rico
  11. My Favs

    Miss Indonesia
    Miss Canada
    Miss Brazil
    Miss Colombia
  12. So is she really going to wear the winning design in the competition?
  13. awww...I thought Tara (Miss USA) was pretty!!!

    But, I do have so say that I hope she doesn't where the dress that was designed for her. :shame:
  14. wow is this really big in america? its not big here but ive got a story

    about 7/8 years ago my next door neighbour at the time won Miss UK and was entered into Miss World. Cut the story short as i cant really remember it she entered Miss World and got into the top 7/8 around that area. as our street is small we had a big party for her and it was so nice to see her do amazingly well! *she also used to babysit me when i was a kiddo* lol thats my little (abit boring) story i thought id share! my old babysitter came 7/8 in Miss World lol!
    she decided not to enter Miss Universe though an ugly one did instead