who will go to the fith year anniversary in Amsterdam???

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  1. I still can't believe it!
    I have a invitation for a girls party to celebrate the fith anniversary of the LV store!
    and I can take my friend!
    I have a few questions....
    The dresscode is sunglasses. But it is really dark and cold weather. Should I wear happy colours?
    Is it better to take a LV bag? or is that too much?
    Is it strange to take a gucci bag with you?
    Are other people from here coming too??? How can I recognise you, so I can say hi?
    It is wednesday 14th
  2. I am going with my daughter.
  3. I got the invitation but have a meeting in Johannesburg the very same day... yeah, the timing was not right at all... oh, well, next time...
  4. Oh, you're kidding!
    I sooooo wish I could go there, but I still haven't made my first purchase there yet :push: Ooh, speaking of which, that'll probably come this month or next! Yahoo!

    Who else is going there? Have fun!
  5. Hi there!
    When did you got your invitation?
    how often do you get LVs in a year? I was wondering how much you hv to buy LVs in order to receive this invitation? Coz I did buy some items (last purchase was the mirage speedy) throughout this year.
  6. CONGRATS! I am sure you will have a great time! I think you should carry an LV bag
  7. I have been to many LV parties and it is always best to bring and LV. It is not a rule . . . it is just more accepted. I usually try to bring one of my more special or newer LV's with me. As for dress code, most the people there are in work clothes or a sassy lil "going out to a nice dinner" outfit. Have fun!
  8. I'll be going too :smile: But not sure to bring my daughter (almost 2 years old *LOL*), my sister (thirty something) or ......my husband (but it's a girl thing...)...Confused about the dresscode too....
  9. Have fun at the party. I would use a LV bag.
  10. I would use an LV bag, as for dresscode the LBD is always a safe option :biggrin:
  11. thanks for the tips!
    I haven't spend extremely much at LV. I think 6 or 7 items a year, but because I am 23 it is a lot, so I think they look at age too.
    Thinking what I will buy in ten years....
    Or maybe because they remember me. One time all the electricity fell out and one time the atm machine was broken..
  12. My mother is going I think, I can't I'm in London! have FUN!
  13. I'm gonna miss the goodie bag!!! Keep us posted on how it went so I can claim "psychological distress" at work for missing the party LOL
  14. aa i would LOVE to go!
    but i only made 1 purchuse in amsterdam, i like to buy on holidays and in antwerpen, nicer sa's i think ;)

    i would wear big sunglasses like victoria beckham and a cute girly dress with really cool not so girly like boots!
    AAH i can't go but now i'm thinking of outfits :p not fair!
    HAVE FUN!!
  15. Definitely wear a LV bag. I just attended a LV event and 98% wore LV bags. Its nice to see so many styles that you may not have considered until you see them on someone else. Have fun.