Who will first see the Cavalli/H&M collection?

  1. Who will be in line in november to check ou the Roberto Cavalli for h&m collection?

    The leopard prints got me and i need that leopard print trench.:tup:
  2. oh i will be there! I wish h&m would put out pics of the line already!
  3. I know,and i would like to know the prices too
  4. gucci girl, there are pics of most of the collection here: http://annienyc.blogspot.com/search/label/cavalli%20for%20h%20and%20m
    and hm will put out all the pics on oct. 26th

    Here are most of the prices per http://annienyc.blogspot.com
    1. Giraffe trench, Zebra trench $199
    2. Black trench.
    3. Military Jacket. $199
    4. Faux Fur bomber vest
    5. Leopard Bustier $69
    6. Leopard long sleeve wrap tunic dress
    7. Long leopard spaghetti strap dress, (leopard, snow leopard. $199
    8. Short silk chiffon dress (snow leopard, zebra) $99
    9. Long sleeve tunic dress (leopard, snow leopard) $69
    10. Long Pleated Lame Dress (Blackened gold, Black) $349
    11. Long black evening dress with tulle
    12. Gold sequined and beaded dress $259
    13. Dark blue denim skinny jeans $70
    14. Black shorts ($49)
    15. Sleeveless ruffle blouse in (black, white). $49
    16. Animal print bib shirt
    17. Leopard Print Long Sleeve Button-up Blouse $59
    18. Long sleeve sheer white tuxedo shirt
    19. Sheer Long Sleeve Embroidered Shirt
    20. White Tuxedo Jacket $99
    21. Tuxedo Pants (black, white). $69
    22. Black Leather Jacket. $249
    23. Corset?
    24. Gold Leather Jacket?
    25. Another gold dress?
    • Gold Sandals (last year V&R shoes were $100)
    • Gold Croc Belt
    • Gold Bracelets.........$49
    • Gold Clutch............
    • Gold tone Necklace $34.
    • Gold tone Ring
    • Long Silk Scarves (Zebra, Leopard) $24
    • and lingerie..........$14.99 and up.
  5. Thanks luxeluxe !
  6. I might check this out. I want to see what the leopard bustier looks like.
  7. That is what i want as well. most of all i think.:yes:
  8. anybody knows the exact date when it would be released??
  9. i'm curious to know also. the prices look decent so far!
  10. I heard Nov. 8th ...
  11. I haven't decided yet. I've liked something in all previous H&M designercollections up until now but I haven't seen enough pics of the Cavalli items to know if I want anything or not.
  12. I would like to see the leo bustier as well. I would also like to see the military jacket. Can´t wait to see the whole collection!!! :drool:
  13. oh thanx luxeluxe!! Can't wait till the 26th! I already see about 5 things I want from that blog's pics
  14. i would like to go but its only going to be in 10 US stores so its very unlikely it'll be the one store near me.
  15. I will definately be there! :boxing:

    I want underwear, the black trench, the zebra print short dress, the light blue/zebra shirt, the leopard tunic,...